Tuesday, July 17, 2012


      When is ambition okay? I know it is not when you use or abuse others for selfish gain or even just ignore others needs in your quest for ..whatever. I have plenty...really, i have excess.. I just can't turn off my ambition button. I want to be more, achieve more, do better..... I don't even know what it means...Its not that i am not thankful for what i have.. I am. It is not by any merit of mine that i was born into a situation where i can even comprehend ambition. It is not to my credit that i don't have to scrape through garbage to feed myself. I know that i get caught up in consumerism and stuff..meaningless stuff... I forget my priorities and lay up meaningless treasures on earth...but the drive to achieve doesn't have anything to do with stuff...I don't care to be rich or anything...It is just that stuff distracts me. I am not sure what my motives are. I know that i want to help people but i don't have to achieve anything to do that..Some achievements  put more resources at my disposal so i can better help people.... Just the opportunity for an education, that i can work hard and achieve something, that i was born in a place where i can better my situation (if it is bettering) is a gift. It is a gift wasted if i don't use it to the best of my ability to show Christ's love. Opportunity in itself is a blessing and i have an abundance of it.
      "To whom much has been given, much is expected" (Luke 12:48) is a scary and thrilling verse because I have been given sooo much. I have been extravagantly blessed.
    Lord, Please make my heart clean. I don't understand my motives, but you do. Whatever they are, please help me to use your boundless blessings wisely and to bless others and be an instrument of your love.

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